My 30 Day Challenge

17 May 2015
I have spent most of this year going back and forth with diet plans, exercise plans and just plans all around. I haven't seemed to be able to find one that really worked for me with my odd working hours. One day I could work 8 am-2 pm, then the next 2pm-11 pm, so finding something that accounted for most or some of my day being occupied by work was a tedious task.

    I of course scoured pinterest non stop and saved all the ones I would like to try; but for me I knew that spedning time pinning the ones I liked wasn't going to get me up and moving. So I ordered the Omron Alvita Wireless Activity Tracker with the hope that I will be able to complete the 30-Day Walking Challenge from My Fitness Pal. Since I do a ton of walking while at work I'm pretty sure this one will be a piece of cake for me :)

 I'm also going to try and count my calories and make sure I stay within an acceptable range, I've had some issues with this in the past, since I don't eat regularly, but here's to hoping I can stick with it this time. I've got a few apps on my phone that will allow me to scan the barcode of anything I eat, so this will make it easier when I grab a snack at work or even when I am at home.

I just hope that I can stick to this, I need to loose this extra 50 pounds I picked up over the last couple of years. I've noticed lately while working or even doing things around the house that my knees are starting to give out on me, and I'm just to young to be having knee problems!!

You Give= We Give- USA Edition

15 May 2015
As most of you know, I have been thinking on this project since seeing it on She Known As Jess. I have participated in World Book Night and even donated books to our local Little Libraries. However, those two things are only temporary and reach very few people. So after careful consideration and lengthy conversations, I have decided to go ahead with this project.

You Give=We Give is all about fostering the love of reading in everyone young and old. The purpose is to get as many books as possible in the hands of just as many people. 
She Known As Jess donates to the Kmart Wishing Tree in her area, however as there is not a Kmart in my area, I will be donating all books purchased and received to various locations. The local library, Wal-Mart, and Churches in the area.

You can help make this event a huge success! I have set a goal of 200 books to be donated by December 10, 2015.
You can donate books, or funds for books via paypal by the donation link in the side bar.
All books donated will be showcased in upcoming blog posts, and books bought with donated funds will also be showcased.
All contributors will be recognized in each blog post and also at the end of the event.

My Chaotic Ramblings is my own creation, and the You Give = We Give event is the brainchild of She Known as Jess. It is open for the public to view. 
 My blog was made so that I could publish my thoughts and opinions, for me to read and review books so that I could share my opinion with anyone who wanted to read it. 
  I decided two years ago that I wanted to help place books into more readers hands,if I couldn't read a book, If I couldn't afford to purchase one I don't believe I would have the love for them that I do today. 

 It was then that I decided that I would raise as many books through my blog around Christmas time so that people will experience what all of us bloggers, what all of us readers feel when we read a book. That if they see that we all have written blogs about our passion of books that they too can if they choose - no one should feel like Christmas can't be special, that they aren't special because everyone is and to open a page to a book is to open a page into ones imagination. 

 I assure you that I am 100% Genuine, and this event is to brighten up someone's life, that we care about strangers who deserve to open a book just as much as we do. I want to make that happen.

Small update...

13 May 2015
Once again I find myself doing non blog related things. I seem to head more towards spending time with the kids and putting all of my plans on the back-burner. With school letting out for the kids in less than 2 weeks, I have been scouring pintrest and other blogs trying to find things to do with the kids and things for them to do while I am at work. While most everything found on pinterest is geared toward the younger kids, we did find some things that we can tweak a little to make them more age appropriate. I've been busy planning out most of the summer, and getting things together for my new Etsy shop. I have really jumped into this whole planning thing and while I'm not as good as some out there, I do have a flair all of my own. So far there are washi samples and paper clips. I am currently working on dashboards and dividers, and hope to have them listed in a few weeks. I still have plans to do the You Give-We Give program for the community, and have been collecting books since December. I have a few days off next week and will get all info up on the blog for everyone. Thank you all for sticking with me, I know how discouraging it can be to have a blogger seemingly drop off the planet and I apologize for doing that to you all.

Goodbye 2014 Hello 2015, news and updates

28 December 2014
Hello loves!! I know I have been MIA for a few months, and I do apologize. I have gotten into a rut and just couldn't bring myself to visit the blog, much less do anything with it. But after some careful consideration and a few late night conversations with a blogger friend of mine; I have decided to take the blog in a new direction. There will not be as many product reviews and we are going to focus more on planning and organizing, with a few charitable causes thrown in. First charitable cause being You Give=We Give which is the brainchild of Jess from She Known As Jess. We are not going to be donating to the Kmart Wishing tree as they no longer do that at our only Kmart close. But we will be accepting and making donations to our local Salvation Army and a few other places that hand out Christmas gifts to the needy. I will be putting up a post within the next few days that will go more into the concept and how each of you can help if you feel the need to do so :) I will also do some planning related posts for those of you looking to get into planning out your time better, I know I need it. And of course I will highlight other bloggers in this process because without them I wouldn't be able to manage my time better! Blogging became a chore for me and while I loved interacting with all of you, hunting down products, waiting on the mail and then testing and writing up the review just became more than I wanted to do. I started this blog as a way to share my favorite products with other mothers, and I understand that it is a job in itself, I just couldn't stand the time it was taking away from my family. I seemed to spend more time doing something blog related than with my kids and that should never happen. So I hope that you stick around for our new adventures and join in when you can!